Poor Community Planning

Rogue Development allowed by Self-Serving City Council, Equals No Planes and a Diminishing Pilot Pool!!  Bravo Government!!

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Sonoma Valley Airport (0Q3) sues attorney Lori Ballance

The owners of Sonoma Valley Airport filed a fraud lawsuit against its former attorney, Lori Balance, of the Gatzke, Dillon and Ballance law firm in Carlsbad, CA .  The suit alleges, among other things, professional negligence and fraud.  At a hearing recently, the airport won the right to assert punitive damages against Lori Ballance as an individual, and against the law firm as well.

So what happened?

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City of Indio wants a Hospital on Final Approach to Rnwy 28 at UDD. Wha-whaaat?

Please click the link to the Cal-Pilots article to learn more.  And mark your calendar to attend the

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Keep 'em Flying

At the end of a day at the airport, pilots shootin’ the breeze in the hangar, sharing stories about their flight, the airports they visited, planes for sale, projects they know of being restored, that’s how aeronews7 started.  We needed to make sure that everything we had learned in the aviation world, since last weeks hangar hang-out, was now known to each one of us.

What used to be a good time sharing positive aviation news, like “Hey, be sure to attend the EAA meeting next week, the speaker is an astronaut .”  “You going to the Stearman Fly-in this year at Galesburg?”   “Boy that pancake breakfast fly-in sure raised a lot of money for the Young Eagles, the community really came out to support.”  Has now changed tenor to “Did you hear the new housing development next to the airport is complaining about aircraft noise?  Make sure you attend the public meeting and speak out.”  “What’s going on at Santa Monica Airport.  It’s scheduled to close in 2028 replaced by a park!”  “Did you hear they want to restrict helicopter operations in the Hamptons?”  “A damn shame about Meigs Field in Chicago, that really bites when the local government closes down an airport without any community input.”

General Aviation needs community support.  It’s important to get the local neighborhoods to come out to your airfield and learn why the small general aviation airport is so important.

So we call upon you, the pilot and aviation enthusiast, to share your stories here.  Please tell us about  your local airport events and happenings;  encourage your neighbors to learn more about the small airport in your town.

Welcome to Aeronews7, let’s hear from you soon!



Critical Next Step...

Sign-up for email reminders today.  It's important the general aviation community is made aware of this very important trial.  It's hard enough keeping GA alive, that when you hire a lawfirm, that lawfirm should work for, not against, the airport.  Mark your calendars!  Jury selection starts August 10th and the trial will start the following week.  We will publish the date when we learn it - and if you are signed up for email reminders, you'll get one.  Thanks for supporting GA and especially the Schellville airport.